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Welcome to Bezant Resources

Bezant is a global AIM-listed company specialising in natural resource exploration and development. It is backed by an experienced team of geologists, metallurgists, engineers, chemists and commercial specialists.

Bezant’s principal focus since it began operation in 2007 has been on early-stage ventures in key commodity sectors. Currently, it has interests in three global assets: The Mankayan Project (a copper/gold porphyry project in the Philippines), the Eureka Project (a "near surface" copper/gold deposit in northern Argentina) and the gold enterprise Mkurumu Project, located in Tanzania.

In the medieval world, bezant (pronounced bay-zant) gold coins were regarded as the highest of quality and used for trade and commerce throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and beyond. At Bezant Resources we remain committed to this tradition of excellence and continue to identify, build and operate projects that will deliver consistent returns.


Locations and operations

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