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Welcome to Bezant Resources

Bezant is an AIM listed Company with a track record in building significant value in projects from highly cost effective work programmes.

Following our work in delineating the minable reserves at the Mankayan project in the Philippines, resulting in a significant return of cash to shareholders, we are now focused on platinum production development in Colombia. Rationale:

• Create low cost, surface production as apposed to deep shaft/high cost UG2 mining
• Potential for rapid mine start
• Create projects outside of the Bushveld to balance regional risk exposure for platinum investors (80% PGM currently from South Africa)
• Utilise the significant platinum experience of the Bezant team

A Note from our Chairman;

“I think mining companies today need to be all about creating low cost production and two years ago I began re-looking at platinum projects I had come across over the years. When I founded Aquarius Platinum what we did was ignore all the ‘you cant do it like that because nobody has before’ and concentrated on the geology and metallurgy to create a highly successful company. Although the Colombian assets, which I first saw in the 1970’s and have conduced two years of DD on, will not have the scale of Aquarius essentially my approach is the same; build a common sense, low cost mining operation that produces platinum economically. I am a big platinum bull and I think our strategy sits as an interesting balance to what is occurring in the Bushveld complex in terms of high costs and labour issues." 


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